Release Notes

Version 2022-06-10 10:00


  • Search view: Any channel selection in all bouquets is now possible. It should therefore also be possible to deselect all the channels in a bouquet.
  • Output of the host name in the log when starting SE.
  • Automatic deletion time: No upper limit for the deletion time via plugin.
  • Logo Path: more paths added.

Web App

  • Background scanner settings
  • Save button on the Settings page now always remains visible at the bottom of the screen.
  • SmartEPG entry in the OpenWebIf menu added after Timer, otherwise it would be in the Information submenu in the latest owif version.

Bug fixes

  • Automatic deletion after time did not work anymore.
  • Directory selection: the .. directory did not point to the directory above it, but to its own.
  • TimerEditor: Fixed 1h offset error when entering start and end time
  • BGScan: the start of the background scan was not suppressed for manually started EPG scans.
  • EPG scanner: caught a crash when the channel name cannot be resolved
  • EPG Scanner: Blocked timer postpones or prevents the SmartEPGvu scan from running
  • Infobox: Disabled all navigation buttons that could change the program in the main window.
  • Info box: Immediate update of the icons in the info box, e.g. when a timer is set or changed.
  • Changed the levels of the sub-windows (timer editor, path selection, …) in the skins so that they are in front of the calling main window (e.g. path selection in front of the timer editor).
  • SearchEditor: Cursor was over the legend after saving a new search.
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