Fourth Menu Screen

The SmartEPGvu+ menu can be accessed by pressing the menu button on the remote control when a view is open.

The menu can always be called up when one of the views is displayed.

Meaning of the individual buttons in the legend:

Closes the menu window without saving. However, a query is displayed asking whether you really want to exit without saving.

The current setting is saved.

Default values
All settings will be reset to default.

Settings that can be determined via a ✔︎ or ✖︎ can be selected or deselected with the OK button.

Each menu item can be changed with the right/left buttons.

  • Key for the Grid

Any key can be defined to directly access the Grid view.

  • Key for Next Events View

Any key can be defined to directly access the Next event view.

  • Key for the Timer list key

Any key can be defined to directly access the Timer view.

  • Key for the Search View

Any key can be defined to directly access the Search view.

  • Pass EPG key during playback

Activating this setting makes it possible to show the EPG data of the current recording during playback by pressing the EPG button.

  • Select genre icons

The genre icons to be displayed can be activated or deactivated.

  • Select bouquets

Here you select the bouquets for which the scan should be carried out.

A selection must be made, or no scan will be performed.

  • Start a scan now

This starts a manual scan.

  • Show Scan Info Screen

This will show a summary of the scan activity including the number of new timers created.

  • Create a backup now

The files listed below are backed up on a daily basis. Each backup is kept for 14 days. They are located in the directory “SmartEPG_Backup” on the Beyonwiz HDD.
This backup can also be started manually through the setup menu. However, any older backup for that day will be overwritten.

  • Search.xml
  • SEvuFile.db
  • SmartEPGvu.xml
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