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Overview - View 2

This view can be assigned to any key or called from another view with the 2 button.
A key can be set in the setup menu item „Key for the Overview“. By default, channels that were selected in the setup menu item „Select bouquet“ for scanning or to be displayed are available.

Explanation of the keys

If the „Set timer“ button, i.e. the record button, is pressed, the display of the first line in the legend changes as follows:

Time sync lock & Time sync

If you are in the Overview view and scroll through the events to the right: the further you scroll, the more the time diverge. (When the view is called up, all times are synchron to the current event).

If you then press  Time-Sync Time-Sync, the event where the cursor is located, its start time is taken as the default and all other events are compared to this (then you can see the title as the Time to be synchronized e.g.: ←-23:15–>)

Now you can scroll left/right again and the times diverge. This mode has the advantage that you always see one event after the other, but the start times differ.

If you press  Time sync lock Time sync lock, then this operation is done automatically every time you scroll. On the channel where the cursor is positioned, event by event is scrolled. On the other channels, those that match the start time of the event currently marked with the cursor, are always displayed.

The downside is that on the other channels, short events may be skipped when you're on a channel where long events are running.

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