Version 2022-02-05 20:30


  • Web app: Added setting for „Pass EPG button“.
  • Web app: Edit timer/job: Directory selection via own popup.
  • Web app: Edit job: „Channel as text“ setting is saved in the browser.
  • Web-Api: Add new endpoints for folder list and folders.
  • Web-Api: Delivery with Header Cache-Control: no-cache.
  • Log output: Each time SmartEPG is started, a line with ——– is output so that the plugin start is easier to see. In addition, some information about the box is logged.
  • SmartEPG version generated by renderer VRunningText. This just scrolls to the last line of text and then waits „enddelay“ seconds before jumping back to the beginning. Currently entered end delay in the skins: 5 seconds.
  • Automatic deletion of a recording also deletes the „.ts.del“ file.
  • SelfUpdate: increased ping timeout from 4 to 6 seconds.
  • Support for OpenViX, OpenATV and the original vuPlus image. The adaptation for the Australian BeyonWiz is in the works.

Bug Fixes

  • Guide: Due to „rounding errors“ the PrimeTime jump often ended up on the wrong show.
  • Guide: The update routine is only called up every 10 seconds (instead of 1 second) and the scrolling text in the extended info window is therefore more fluent.
  • Guide, Overview, Next: Expand info no longer scrolls when the info window is invoked. This suppresses flickering when using VURemote.
  • Overview BugFix: the extended info text was not scrolled in the 15 view.
  • Overview: The program title, right above extended info, was not displayed.
  • Grid: when cursor left with page change, the event under the cursor was not updated.
  • Scanner: Blocked timers prevented a scan from starting.
  • Scanner: Queries the default path and no longer uses the hardcoded /media/hdd/movie.
  • Scanner: the crypt flag is cleared in the .ts.meta before stopping the FBEPG scan recordings. This should prevent the automatic decryption from starting (keyword 24h FBEPGCheck recording).
  • SearchView: Crash caught when displaying channel list and there are fewer channels than row.
  • SearchView: „Consider umlauts when sorting in the job list“
  • Search requests: One-time search requests triggered a GUI reboot at the end of the recording.
  • SelfUpdate: Manual update was not performed if automatic update was switched off in the menu.
  • EPG search: The check for time and day of the week is done together, so time windows that go past midnight should be handled correctly
  • Web API: Job.vps was delivered as a string. As a result, the „adjust“ selection of the job form did not work correctly.
  • Web-API: the ServiceRef was not correctly adopted for EPG searches from OWIF on renamed channels. Then the logo was not displayed and the test search with restrictions did not return any results.
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