Welcome to the Australian version of the SmartEPGvu+ Wiki for Beyonwiz PVRs

This is a SmartEPGvu+ implementation, which runs on PVRs with a wizos image.

This knowledge database for the plugin SmartEPGvu+ (SEvu+) is intended to assist users of the plugin. It contains a collection of support and other information that will be expanded over time to refect user experience and new and improved features of the plugin. For example, it is intended to deal with recurring questions asked by users and to make it easier to get acquainted with the options offered by the plugin.

Articles can be found either by using the search function or by directly selecting the chapters listed in the sidebar.

If you are interested in participating and editing of this Wiki, you need to register first.
New users, please send an email to Ricki. Your email should state the username you would like to use, and briefly explain what areas you plan to contribute to.

This wiki uses DokuWiki, which is relatively simple and intuitive to use.
Further information for the wiki authors can be found here DokuWiki Manual.

The wiki is NOT intended for error or problem discussion.
For issues and questions about SmartEPGvu+ either visit TTD Forum Vu+ Corner or The Vu+ forum which are good places to start with. Beyonwiz users should also visit the oztoppy forum.

SmartEPGvu+ Current ipk version
SmartEPGvu+ Current zip version
Release notes: Current version
This version supports Beyonwiz PVRs that use the wizos image.

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