Timer View - View 5

This view can be assigned to any key or called from another view with the 5 key.
A key can be set in the setup menu item „Key for the Timer list“. All existing timers are displayed.

Timer entries are displayed with text colours. The meaning of the colours is explained HERE. In addition, a corresponding icon is displayed on the right side of the line for each timer type. The meaning of the timer types is explained HERE.

SmartEPGvu+ uses a data base called FileDB, to accumulate programs that have already been recorded. Previously recorded programs are indicated with a cassette symbol, and repeated recordings for series is prevented (blocking of timers). Timers with circular arrows indicate that the program to be recorded is a repeat.

Explanation of the keys

* If the timer is not confirmed, the program will still be recorded. The timer colour then remains dark green.
If the timer is confirmed with    , the colour adapts to the time of the planned recording. IanL-S to confirm accuracy of description.

Edit a timer with the editor

If you press or , the editor appears, and the timer can be edited.

The timer editor is explained in more detail HERE.

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